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Tsunami Drill and Barangay IEC held in Brgy. Botbot, Pandan under PHIVOLCS READY project: Establishment of Community-based Early Warning System for Tsunami in Antique Province PDF Print
Tuesday, 23 August 2016 11:00

A barangay IEC on tsunami preparedness and drill was held in Brgy Botbot covered court, Pandan, Antique last August 20, 2016 followed by a barangay-wide tsunami drill on 21 August 2016 under the PHIVOLCS READY project on “Establishment of Community-based Early Warning System for Tsunami for Province of Antique. Brgy Botbot is one (1) of the fifteen (15) coastal barangays of Pandan, Antique with a total population of 1,070 (2016 census). Brgy Botbot will serve as a pilot area in the “Establishment of Community-based Early Warning System for Tsunami in Antique province.

Brgy Captain Gerundio Ocheda of Brgy Botbot, Pandan

IEC held in Brgy. Botbot, Pandan


Barangay IEC and tsunami drill was attended by the community lead by Brgy Captain Gerundio Ocheda (Punong Barangay of Botbot, Pandan). Representatives from nearby barangays (Brgy Dumrog and Idiacacan) were also present during the Brgy IEC on Tsunami. DRRM officers from Municipality of Libertad attended the IEC to observed and listened on the seminar. Presence of DRRM officers, BFP officers, PNP personnel from Pandan Municipality was also observed during the half day activity. The IEC allay the fears of the community and open their minds on the needs of tsunami preparedness to avoid the tsunami scare they experienced in December 2013 out of text message.

In August 21, 2016, 7 am to 9 am at Brgy Botbot, Pandan, Antique, a Barangay-wide Tsunami Drill was conducted with a Magnitude 8.2 Earthquake Scenario. The lead time for the community to evacuate and reach the tsunami safe zone was 20 minutes. A one (1) minute ringing of the church bell was used to signal the start of the drill followed by the Fire Truck siren. Seven (7) purok of Brgy Botbot joined the drill despite the unpredictable weather during this time.

The tsunami drill participants were encouraged to walk as planned rather than bring motorcycle or tricycle. The drill was conducted successfully without any on toward incident. The worry of clogged roads during evacuation was avoided as what they experienced during the tsunami scare of December 2013. Individual and family preparedness on earthquake and tsunami were given emphasis as help might not come within the next 72 hours and the Municipal Hall of Pandan might be affected as well based on the tsunami hazard map presented. Community-kitchen was set-up in the evacuation area by the barangay to feed the tsunami survivor (drill participants).

Aside from municipality of Pandan, guest observers from Municipalities of Libertad, Sebaste and Culasi came to witness and observed the tsunami drill being conducted by Brgy Botbot, Pandan.

From 9:30 am to 11:30 am right after the tsunami drill end, an evaluation meeting was carried out with brgy officials together with the guest observers from 4 different municipalities, Municipal health, PNP, BFP and other concern. Meeting was presided and headed by PHIVOLCS. /EBO/2308206

PHIVOLCS staff delivers lectures about earthquake and tsunami preparenedness

Sounding of the church bell which signals the start of the tsunami drill

Barangay residents evacuate after the ringing of church bell

Brgy officials conduct head count at the evacuation area to ensure that all residents are accounted for

Group photo of tsunami IEC and drill facilitators